LPT Manager

LPT Manager is a program that allows you to control the parallel port. It shows the current state of every single I/O line of the port with LEDs or, optionally, with the corresponding registries' values. You can also interactively change the status of output lines, with a mouse clic or writing directly a value into the registry.
Primarily developed on Linux in C, it uses the GTK+ 2 for the GUI, but a port to the Win32 platform is available.
LPT Manager is released under the GPL.


20 September 2004


linux screenshot
LPT Manager running in Linux.


To build and run the program yourself you need the following components:


Please visit the project page at SourceForge to download the files.
The source package is suitable for both Linux and Windows.

Version 1.1

source code
This release has not been tested on Windows

Version 1.0

source code
LPTManager-1.0-setup.exe win32 installer

The win32 installer contains a precompiled binary of the program and the necessary GTK+ libraries. These libraries are the GTK+ windows port available at http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32.
The installer has been created with Inno Setup, you can find it on http://www.innosetup.org.
Note: since the WinNT platform does not allow user programs the low-level access to I/O ports, you need to install an the DriverLINX Port I/O Driver from http://www.driverlinx.com/DownLoad/DLPortIO.htm if you plan to run the program under this platform using LPTManager version 1.0. Instead LPTManager version 1.1 uses IO.DLL available at http://www.geekhideout.com/iodll.shtml.

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